The Action Report
Smaller Bites
By Frank Eiklor

God is always doing so many wonderful things that I want to share them with you in smaller bites.



Our home is surrounded by a number of elderly widows. Each week I exercise my gift of “trash collector” by taking out and then returning their trash barrels. That simple act opens the door to lonely hearts. Helen is 90 years old and lives next door. When Norma and I visited her in the hospital I asked, “What do you want God to do for you?” She wanted to know she would go to heaven—and needed to know the way. Helen gave her heart to Jesus, as did her roommate, Viola, before we made our exit.



Harry Truman said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” The Middle East is exploding. Iran vs. Saudi Arabia. Sunni vs. Shiite Muslim. Wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Stabbings and shootings across Israel. Believers we have supported and loved in Israel are in “the kitchen” and feeling the heat.


They don’t want out of the heat. They just want our prayers, love and support. Pray that the Holy Spirit will favor our internet TV programs to reach hearts across Israel and the Muslim world.



There is one thing more thrilling—and fulfilling—than leading a thirsty heart to the river of life, Jesus Christ. It is when we learn how those we have influenced, won or discipled are bringing others to new life. Like Mark in the USA. Connie in Israel. Gustavo in Spain. Julia in Argentina. And on and on! Be faithful where you are. God is touching others through your words and deeds. No labor is in vain in the Lord.



Women of all ages call her their example of a true heart and life. She is a powerful intercessor and a loving witness for Christ in word and action. Her husband has been on the front lines of world evangelism for many years. But he knows that God has blessed their lives because of her love, counsel, care, prayers, warnings, encouragement and a thousand other ways. I’m the husband. And my Norma is my hero. The most special woman God ever made! I’ve know it for 55 years and counting!




While Christian leaders minister to others, not a few cry with heavy hearts and feelings of inadequacy and loneliness. I know! God has made me a mentor to many pastors and Christian leaders. They know they have my ear—and a shoulder they trust. Keep pastors and missionaries in your prayers. And don’t forget your own pastors.



It started out small—a group of disciples I taught twice each month on the internet. That was over 10 years ago. The school now numbers nearly 75,000 students around the world learning intimacy with Jesus, prophecy, effective witnessing and living in the purity and power of the Holy Spirit. The school is free. So feel free to check it out at



During 50 years on the frontlines, we have preached and taught in over 100 countries. Now, through HisChannel on internet television, we can touch hearts and minds in almost every country in the world. Producer Jim Durbin suggested “MORE THAN TALK” as the name. And so it is—30 minutes each week exploring the Jesus of compassion, action and life-changing power—more than talk. Catch it anytime, all the time, on



We trust God each month to touch hearts to pray and give. No begging, gimmicks or false promises. And He has always proved faithful. We will appreciate your help this month.


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