The Action Report
It's Time to Return
By Frank Eiklor

I’ve been asked to return to a place that I felt was the closest thing to hell on earth. It’s called Auschwitz. Norma and I shivered there some 25 years ago, not from the cold, but from a sense of horror.



God let us meet a miracle named Christina, a Polish believer who knew the Auschwitz hell-hole well. Her father-in-law had been imprisoned there by the Nazis for giving bread to starving Jews. “He was only 18 when they released him,” she said, “but he looked like an old man.” He died at 42—still suffering the effects of torture. Christina  had vowed to never let people forget how millions of Jews and other victims had been beaten, shot and gassed before incineration in the ovens.



I recall Block 4, Room 5 at Auschwitz-Birkenau. An entire room was filled with human hair—only a remnant the Nazis had not sent to the factories. Other rooms were filled with dentures (gold was extracted from the dead), shaving brushes, tooth brushes and thousands of pairs of shoes including children’s shoes, each pair or single shoe evidence of a murdered victim. We stared speechless.



Now I must return to Auschwitz, Treblinka and other dark places of the Holocaust with my Internet TV partner, Pastor Tom Hughes. Tom is a fearless lover of Israel and the Jewish people. He sees Israel standing alone—threatened with annihilation by Iran and terrorist armies. Jews worldwide are afraid. Tom has a team of leaders that he wants exposed to the full horrors of evil and how it explodes when good people do little or nothing to oppose it. He and I want Christ’s true soldiers to be armed with the weapons of the Spirit and filled with God’s grace and boldness, no matter the cost. Dark days lie ahead! There must be an army of saints trained and ready to expose evil and give the bread of life to precious lives. Just like Christina’s father-in-law dared to do as a boy!



During Easter, I’ll be minis- tering again in New England with my close friend Pastor Bob Hakala and his great congregation of mostly Finns, who adopted us into the family. How I love them! Pray for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Thanks!



I have a great son-in-law, Dean Chabot, whom I led to Christ years ago. He called to tell me about a man he met on the job. When Dean told Cody about our Internet TV program “More Than Talk,” Cody told him that he and his friends watch the program all the time. Small world! I’ll meet these men next time we go to Texas. I hope you also will catch it anytime you choose on:—VIDEO ON DEMAND—“More Than Talk.” 



God touches hearts each month to support this work. We’re asking Him to supply again this month—and to bless fully each of you who help. Thanks for all you mean!



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