The Action Report
A Revival of One
By Frank Eiklor

I appreciate your trust in this crazy, untrustworthy world. So I want you to know a little more about what motivates me and the team I lead. The Lord Jesus is more than my hero. Christ is my life, my breath, my reason for living. The Apostle Paul is my hero. He was just flesh and blood stufflike me. But he said "Follow me as I follow Christ." He lived and died an example of a sold-out life to Jesus Christ. My aim is the same. It has to be! Paul's world was like oursexplosive, fearful, and evil. But God took the fewfilled them with Holy Spirit powerand turned the world upside down.

He can do it again!

A Walking Revivial

Christians are praying for last-days revival. That's good. But watch. A banker gets tears when I say "You're precious to the Lord." Dee opens up. She has an abusive husband and a broken heart. And then she has new hope after Norma and I pray with her. At the gym, Dwight the manager and a Christian, lights up at the mention of Jesus. And Mark, a handicapped young man doing self-therapy, listens wide-eyed to the gospel. On and on this takes place day after day. In stores. At the P.O. On the phone. And we teach disciples to do the samebe walking revivals in this broken worldlike Paul was. To be a "revival of one"!

An Example of Integrity

Paul disciplined himself to have a conscience void of offense toward God and man. He knew that the world is watching closely those who claim to speak for Christ. When a reporter recently asked a well-known evangelist about his great wealth and expensive habits, he answered, "That's non of your business" and hurried away. Wrong! 1 Timothy 3:7 tells me that an unsaved world is watching and that I must give them no reason to doubt my integrityespecially when I'm asking people to sacrifice. So I mentor men: "Don't just talk it. Walk it!"

Angels for Christ

One of our board members, Carol Waisanan, leads a ministry called Angels for Christ. I have never seen anyone more effective than Carol in loving the poorest and most broken of children to Jesus. If you want to see how the world's discards become God's little champions, check out

She Paid the Price

Connie is Jewish and lives in Israel. When Yeshua revealed Himself to her, so great was Connie's love for her Messiah that she confessed Him boldly before family and friends. Though her husband and children abandoned her, Connie has proven for many years. She is a bright light among her neighbors in the Galilee. Pray for Connie's health to improveand her family to come to the Lord.

A Warrior with Wrinkles

Now I'm a warrior with wrinkles. But many years in the trenches have given me a platform to disciple and mentor great numbers of lovers of Jesus. Our More Than Talk internet telecasts penetrate borders, cultures and religions. My simple message "Jesus is Alive" is backed by the power of God. And that's why you matterbig time. Because without your prayers and support,

we could not do the job.


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Will you invest in Shalom? We need financial help – big help – to reach more of the lost and train more of the saved. I cannot offer worldly profits. But I can guarantee that your investment – large or small – in this work will be visible and real when you face the Lord. And the investment lasts forever!
We still teach this plan. And the growing hatred against Jewish souls worldwide will call for millions of Christians to stand as God’s wall of defense.
That's 75,000 believers challenged to live as warriors for Jesus. To disregard obstacles and to only see opportunities to make Him known. To say "YES!" to Jesus and "NO" to self and greed. In this fark and frightened world, 75,000 warriors can do a whole lot of shaking!


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