The Action Report
There's No Quit Now
By Frank Eiklor

Precious friend,

Only two men were willing to be blotted out from the face of God for the sake of Him sparing and saving Israel. I’m not Moses or Paul. Paul was even willing to be lost if only Israel would be saved. My burden has never been that excruciating.

But I have been willing to die in order to protect them from the devil’s agents of hate.

We know what it is to receive threats and find swastikas on our doors. To lead protests against ugly antisemitism where only the angel of the Lord prevented possible assassination. To be in lands of conflict where to speak out of Jewish lives put our own in danger.

There was another price to pay for being faithful to the voice of Jesus. Some ministers avoided us as “too dangerous.” Their churches might be harmed if they stood tall for the Jews and Israel. Or they thought some of their flock might be afraid and find another church.

Thankfully, many other Christians stayed true and joined us in loving the Jews and Israel in deed and in word.

And Jewish leaders? Many applauded, until they learned that we could not—would not—compromise the truth that Jesus was and is the only Savior and Messiah of the world. But they had to admit that His unconditional love through us was something they had never seen before when they felt alone and threatened.

Now I’m growing older. But the burden of the Lord is still burning for Israel—the Jews—the world—the Church. And the greatest weapon, the internet, is part of our arsenal. Our message reaches the world—over 150 countries.

What an awesome God! That’s why we call our telecast “More Than Talk.”

There is no time to waste. Saints are being beheaded. The unborn are destroyed as “mere tissue.” Morals disappear. World economy teeters on collapse. Humanity looks around for a “leader” (yes, Mr. Anti-Christ!) who can promise them “peace and prosperity.” And Israel’s darkest days lie ahead before the storm ends and Yeshua’s light breaks forth.

I’ve poured out a bit of my heart to you. We need your prayers. For anointing. For strength. And for funds that will let us walk through open doors all around the globe. Our needs are great.

God is greater! There’s no quit now. He’s at the door!



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