The Action Report
"75,000 warriors can do a whole lot of shaking!"
By Frank Eiklor

Precious Friend,

Twenty four hours ago (as I write this) I could only stare at the screen in shocked amazement.

This was the message from the organization that we employed to monitor the effectiveness of our St. Paul School on the internet:

"Based on your emails, your campaign has racked up some impressive numbers.

Click rate: 97.1%

Open rate: 93.3%

Here's some context. Constant contact All-Stars average an 85% open rate on their emails.

So this puts you in good company!

Our school numbers around 75,000 disciples worldwide. From Illinois to Israel. Alabama to Argentina. New England to Old England. You get the point.

That's two lessons sent each month for 12 years. Many of the students made decisions for Christ as we ministered around the world. Others knew the Lord but little else. Still others were more mature saints, but who wanted intimacy with Jesus, knowledge of God's Word and a plan for introducing others to the Savior and Messiah.

So how can I not be thrilled?! And even more grateful to you and others.

That's 75,000 believers challenged to live as warriors for Jesus. To disregard obstacles and to only see opportunities to make Him known. To say "YES!" to Jesus and "NO" to self and greed. In this fark and frightened world, 75,000 warriors can do a whole lot of shaking!

Over 93% of that number are viewing those life changing truths. That is something

only God can do! I sensed the Spirit whispering:

"Your labor is not in vain in the Lord."

Help us get more done! It's harvest time! Your support is appreciated. So are your prayers!


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Will you invest in Shalom? We need financial help – big help – to reach more of the lost and train more of the saved. I cannot offer worldly profits. But I can guarantee that your investment – large or small – in this work will be visible and real when you face the Lord. And the investment lasts forever!
We still teach this plan. And the growing hatred against Jewish souls worldwide will call for millions of Christians to stand as God’s wall of defense.
I want you to know a little more of what motivates me and the team I lead. The Lord Jesus is more than my hero. Christ is my life, my breath, my reason for living. The Apostle Paul is my hero. He was just flesh and blood stuff—like me. But he said “Follow me as I follow Christ.”


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