The Action Report
A Giant Miracle—A Small Mountain
By Frank Eiklor

My precious friend,

Imagine the Apostle Paul in prison. The Holy Spirit is there with him and says, “Paul, God is going to do a miracle. You’re going to preach and teach in most of the world. You will do this from one place, and people will able to see your face and hear each message from one week at a time 24 hours a day.” Paul would probably cause his own earthquake when leaping for sheer joy! He did not see that day.

The day has now arrived.

It’s called the Internet, and it is a magnet for youth worldwide. And this unworthy but obedient servant is now faced with a giant miracle and a small mountain. Here it is: God has given me a burning heart for His Word, and the favor of men of God to help me offer it in over 150 countries of this world.

The miracle? Allowing Shalom to produce and air each program.

And it can be viewed not just at a certain time, but 24 hours a day on Video On Demand—including on YouTube. Regular TV costs many thousands of dollars each month. And young people mostly do not view regular TV. They live on the Internet. And we can reach out to them for only a fraction of that cost! That’s a miracle—thanks to those helping me by absorbing much of the cost.

The small mountain? Shalom budgets a tight ship and does a lot with little.  We need an extra $2200 each month. I’m preparing half-hour programs that are centered in the Word of God and that guide searching and open hearts to Jesus. Future telecasts will be more powerful than ever, taken from “Great chapters of the Bible.”

I ask for your prayers. I invite you to have a share. This is not “Eiklor’s thing.”

He is a dead man, and Jesus Christ is in charge. This is God’s open door and I dare to declare as Paul once did in Romans 1:14-16: “I am a debtor—I am ready—I am not ashamed!” Will you help me blow the good news trumpet to Jew, Gentile, the world?

What would God have you do?


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