St. Paul School of Leadership & Discipleship
By Frank Eiklor and the Shalom Team

Chapter 4 The Service of God's Warrior

Paul was in prison, yet he was free. He know that the sovereign Lord Jesus was in charge of his life. Paul could witness to the crowds in public or to a jailor in a prison cell. Jesus Christ had died for Pauland no price was too great to pay to be a follower of the risen Lord.


Paul was a warrior, not a wimp. And he challenges you and me to follow him as he followed Christ. Then we can tell those we disciple to do the same by following our examples of total commitment to the Lord. Here is the final chapter in the book of Philippians. 


1) A WARRIOR'S CRY—Philippians 4:1-3

Paul calls for Chrisitian unity. There are too many divisions and too much unforgiveness in the church today.

Be an example of one whose heart is pure, forigivng and full of love for all. 


2) A WARRIOR'S CONDUCT—Philippians 4:4-9

      Let these principles rule your life. Learn to rejoice when times are tough (v. 4). Be self-controlled and gentle (v.5);

      pray instead of worry (v.6); learn the difference between God's true peace and the false "peace" of sin (v.7); learn to

      think scripturally positive and pure thoughts (v.8) and imitate the example of Paul's life and others who have been true

      disciples of Jesus (v. 9).   


3) A WARRIOR'S CONFIDENCE—Philippians 4:10-13

      You will face many tests in your Christian walk. God is teaching us to trust Him when times are good and times are  

      hardYou can do all things through Christ who lives within you.


4) A WARRIOR'S CO-WORKERSPhilippians 4:14-19

     The Lord Jesus gave Paul faithful friends in the Philippian churhc. He will surround you with some mature, caring

Christians as you reach out to be friendly and care about others. Don't wait for people to first care for you. Take the initiative and learn to find and meet the needs of others. When you do, the Lord has promised to meet your every need (v. 19). 


5) A WARRIOR'S CROWN—Philippians 4:20-23

     Paul lived to bring others to Christ. That is why God has left you and me in this world. Like Paul, those we influence and win to the Lord will be our joy and crown. And look how Paul even reached some of the Emperor “Caesar’s household” whom he probably met as fellow prisoners or perhaps as his jailors. Either way, they came to love the Lord through Paul’s ministry in prison. No wonder the Lord gave Paul the privilege of telling us to follow him as he followed Jesus. Let’s live as warriors—not wimps!






"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ" (I Corinthians 11:1)
The ST. PAUL SCHOOL, with Frank Eiklor, Eileen Young and Cecilia Contreras

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Do you have Jesus in your home? Is the Bible an honored friend and prayer a daily privilege? Does love fill each room? If so, consider yourself wealthy. Because you are!
This lesson is not for dishonest Christians. It’s also not for Christians who, though honest enough to admit they are living in sin, still rebel against asking God for grace and new desires pleasing to Him. This teaching is for the Christian who is serious with God and who desires practical help in how to know God’s will in small and great decisions that will bring either happiness or heartache—victory or defeat—peace or turmoil—God’s will or Satan’s trap.
I try to pattern my life after the Apostle Paul. He himself said that Christ had made him “a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him (Jesus) to life everlasting”.


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