The Action Report
"Jesus is Here!"
By Frank Eiklor

Precious Friend,

“Mama, Mama, Jesus is here! Jesus is here!” shouted the little boy as he answered the door ran to tell his mother. The two strangers standing outside looked at each other in amazement and waited.

Then it dawned on one of them why the little lad thought he was Jesus.

I was the one. The boy had seen me in his neighborhood teaching those I disciple how to witness to strangers about the Lord. He just figured I must be Jesus Himself. The young mom smiled as I explained her son’s identity dilemma, while we shared the gospel and her importance to God.

The years that have since gone by have not erased that little boy’s excited shout. On the contrary.

I have used his words around the world as I taught (and teach) Christians to both live and love like Jesus. The Bible says we are epistles, known and read by all. Paul took it a step farther: “…it is no longer I who live, but Christ, the Messiah, lives in me…” (Galatians 2:20 Amplified Bible).

How awesome! Christ living in us!

And when people see my life (and yours) it may be their first and only impression as to what Jesus is like. I want that impression to be Christ-like, whether witnessing to Arabs in Syria, Jews in Israel, multitudes in Africa, Asia and Latin America, or our own America.

So please pray as we carry the torch of the gospel around the globe. Pray as we continue to prepare and send Holy-Spirit led lessons to literally tens of thousands of potential soul winners each month. And as we go into homes worldwide each week on Internet TV introducing the real Jesus Christ.

I want the Lord to so show Himself through our lives,

that searching hearts will Him, want Him, and experience for themselves that “Jesus is here!”

We continue to trust the Holy Spirit each month (nearly 40 years and counting) to inspire you to help us with your prayers and gifts of support. He is faithful—ALWAYS! As for my prayers—I pray that God will guide and guard you as His special treasure.

Only one life…

Frank Eiklor

PS. Next letter—

What are we doing to counter the devil’s propaganda war against Israel.

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