St. Paul School of Leadership & Discipleship
By Frank Eiklor and the Shalom Team

"But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night." Psalm 1:2 The Psalmist caught something God would have each of us to grasp. His Word is delightful, delicious and demanding - and the daily nourish­ment for a true disciple. Allow me a personal testimony. When I first met Jesus on the tiny Pacific island of Okinawa, I had no contact with known Christians for some three months. But heaven had come to my earth, the Savior enveloped me in His presence, and my Gideon New Testament exploded with revelation that made God more real to me than flesh-and-blood marines around me.


That's when a truth invaded my spirit that has never left my heart in over fifty years. "Oh my Father," I cried, "I love You. I want You to be everything to me. Oh, if only I knew what you are thinking so that I could think Your thoughts!" I sensed such a simple answer to my deep groan: "You can know what I think. I've placed My thoughts in My Word - as much as I will give You this side of heaven. Take delight in My Word and You are thinking My thoughts."


That did it! I figured that if His law - His Word - was to be my delight - not only in the day but also in the night - I would have to memo­rize vast portions. And the more I committed scriptures to memory and reviewed them faithfully, the more profound I found the quiet hovering of His presence - including the nights of physical darkness as well as those "nights" of spiritual struggle when the Holy Spirit now ministered those very verses that I had taken time to memorize.


May you take such delight in His Word that you determine to memo­rize those scriptures that burn as you read them. You'll find they will burn again - in the nights when you need them!


A great prayer to pray: "So many things are put to memory in my daily life, Lord. But there is nothing more important or lasting than Your Word. Help me to discipline myself to read it daily - and to memorize many of Your precious promises.”

"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ" (I Corinthians 11:1)
The ST. PAUL SCHOOL, with Frank Eiklor, Eileen Young and Cecilia Contreras

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Like the man lost in the desert who suddenly locates water—like the starving prisoner who is freed and offered food—I drank and ate and drank the Word, the Word, the Word! And just like He said, I got so full that rivers of this living water started flowing out of my inner being.
Little men like me write many books that contain only what humans are capable of. Only the Bible—God’s incredible Word—is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
When you memorize verses of scripture—God’s very Word—you are putting His mind and will for you into your own mind. You are thinking as Jesus wants you to think.


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