The Action Report
People are like Tea Bags
By Frank Eiklor

The moment seems frozen in time.

The sight of my wife, Norma, sprawled face down on the concrete sidewalk still makes me sick. But in what would be her day of absolute agony, I also saw the love of God in a way that still makes me cry.

Norma is a speed walker (maybe not anymore!). She never saw the uneven concrete crack. Suddenly she was face down. No time to grab her. No time to leap to the ground to break her fall. She groaned, “Oh, Jesus” as I knelt to lift her. I feared she had crushed her face, but her arms broke the fall.

To Urgent Care we rushed.

One wrist was broken. The other arm had six inches of bloody, skinless flesh. But the ribs—oh those battered and hurting ribs! Doctor and nurses were superb. They did their patching, while Jesus did His loving—through Norma. Her witness was so gentle, so loving. “Doctor, God made only one like you. Others may have your name. But you are unique. There’s only one you, and God has a special plan for your life. He loves you so much.” The Doc later took our hands and said with deep emotion, “I have never met a couple like you.”

And I have never met another woman like my Norma. That’s why I married her 56 years ago.

Someone once said, “People are like tea bags. What’s inside comes out when they get in hot water.” I saw again what comes out of a lover of Jesus, even after a crushing fall. Oh the love of Jesus! There’s nothing like it! Or Him!

Norma is in a cast and on the mend. Send a special prayer her way. And stand with the Shalom team and us as the Holy Spirit uses our lives to live and speak the love of God—to Jew and Gentile—to over 150 countries around the world.

Your help this month will be appreciated!

Frank Eiklor


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