The Action Report
By Frank Eiklor

Precious friends,

“Come here death! You don’t fight frighten me anymore. Jesus conquered you.

Now you are only a door I must go through to be with God my Father.

And I can’t wait to see Him!”

These words describe Susan at least the last three months of life before she died of cancer. Yes, the same precious Susan who told everyone that “CANCER SAVED MY SOUL!”

I promised her I would tell of her new love affair with her Creator and Savior. And I did, as I stood at the grave where a casket held the body—the cocoon—that once clothed Susan. The butterfly was gone—in flight—to the Kingdom of “no more death, neither sorrow nor crying…neither any more pain.”

Here is what she wants to the world to know. “I was a 55 year old woman in the fast track with only time for Susan. It was all about me.” Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer and the reality of death. Susan called me and somewhere in our conversation I said, “Read First John. It’s only five chapters long.”

That’s when the explosions began. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God! What a combination! “Uncle Frank,” (yes, Susan is my niece), “God is light (1 John 1:5) and I am full of darkness!”

Next call—“God is righteous and holy, but I have loved the world and all its lusts” (2:15-17).

Next call—“I repent of all my sins and give my life to God my father and Jesus my Savior.”

Next call—“Uncle Frank, perfect love casts out all fear (4:18). I don’t fear death. God can heal me or take me to Himself. I would rather be with Him.”

Next call—“I don’t just think I’m going to be with God. I KNOW I am because the Love Letter,” (the term I gave Susan for the Bible, “says so” (5:11-13).

We talked almost every day—sometimes twice a day. All Susan wanted was the Word, the Word, the Word—first milk, then bread, then meat. She especially loved 2 Cor. 5:1-8 and “to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” On Easter, I preached her testimony in New England. I will share her love for God and fearlessness of death until my time is no more.

So now our pursuit of more “Susans” continues. They are everywhere—just waiting to be touched by love. And you are part of this team that God uses to do His touching.

Thanks for your prayers and help,




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