The Action Report
The Loneliest People
By Frank Eiklor

Precious friend,

God has given me favor with some of the loneliest people in America and much of the world. I’m not speaking of older folks like me (I reach them, too.) I’m talking about young people—pre-teen into their 20’s. What is their world like?

WHY do some youth kill without remorse?

WHY do they experiment with all forms of sex for fulfillment?

WHY do so many commit suicide?

WHY the rush to opioids, cocaine, heroin?

“WHY?” “WHY?” Society’s “experts” seek answers to the problem. But the “experts” are the problem. To millions of youth the word “God” has become just that—a word. Science rules. There is no God. No purpose. No absolutes. No personal importance or value. No one made in the image of God. That’s what the mouths of many educators teach. And that’s what the lives of even many “Christians” declare in the mad pursuit of things.

But no man or demon can erase the God-shaped vacuum in those young hearts.

That’s where I come in—and many like me.

Sometimes it’s speaking to hundreds of youth at rallies. Most times it’s one on one. Playing some pick-up basketball. Pumping iron in a gym. Or another casual meeting (arranged by the Holy Spirit!) where I learn their names and link them to the God who loves them. Who calls each one unique and irreplaceable. Who has a plan for that one precious life. Who longs to free them from the blindness of most of their elders and prove to them that He is real and present.

Then I show them another world they have never known—a world love and acceptance. Of obeying another word—the Word of God—and reaping the benefits of Jesus showing Himself alive! Of rebelling against the present age of follow-the-crowd apple sauce and instead following the path of Jesus Christ, the Revolutionist of love.

Young people!

Tomorrow’s leaders!

Some with “religions” they have found meaningless.

Most with nothing, except spiritual hopelessness.

Help us show them Who alone can fill that vacuum they feel inside—

the Living God and His Son, Jesus Christ.



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