The Action Report
By Frank

Precious friend,

“The cage is filled with canaries. You can come and get them.” This innocent-sounding statement and the story that goes with it still freezes my heart.

Jews were being arrested and shipped to concentration camps. Millions would give final gasps in gas chambers and become ashes in Nazi ovens. (I would later stand numb at many of those hell-holes.)

Terrified Jews needed Christian friends to hide them.

Some found those lovers of Jesus Christ who defied Hitler’s power and hid Jews. Others? One “pastor” sought out Jews to shelter them in his hiding place. Can you even imagine their gratitude? How could they know that when their refuge was at full capacity, the pastor was already calling the Nazi Gestapo with those words “The cage is filled with canaries. You can come get them.” You know what happened!

Why did I become a student of the Holocaust? The Spirit of God opened my eyes. And changed me in the process. My fourscore life fits four descriptions.

1st 20 yearsLost in sin and partaker of a dirty atmosphere of racist jabs and jokes made against Jews and others.

2nd 20 YearsSaved from sin and called to ministry – but taught: “Our job is to win souls. We are not to get involved in struggles between people.” (A neat excuse for avoiding the suffering of others.)

3rd 20 YearsGod’s wake-up call to receive His heart of unconditional love for the Jews and a lonely Israel. We faced the devil’s fire, but the lord gave grace and courage.

4th 20 YEARS AND COUNTINGTeaching an army of Christians worldwide that dark and dangerous days will precede Christ’s return and rule. (That time has already arrived in many countries.) More than human courage will be needed to be true God. It will take a courage supplied by the awesome grave of God given to those who are in intimate relationship with Jesus.

I speak the truth of what I see. Other than martyr countries where brethren suffer and die, most of today’s Church is awash in materialism and asleep at the wheel. My call is to

blow the trumpet that shocks slumbering saints and calls them to a holy and purpose-driven life.

The sense of urgency is great. As Paul says, “the time is short.”

God uses your prayers and support to keep the trumpet sounding. And I am so greateful for your help! May your Thanksgiving be blessed.


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Ugly attacks are again aimed against Jews and Israel across our country and the world. God gave me a plan nearly 40 years ago on what to do. Now I must put fresh attention again on teaching Christians how to stand up for Jewish neighbors and demonstrate the unconditional love Jesus.
That “sign” of unconditional love has caused Israel’s political and military leaders to admit ‘the Bible-believing Christians are our truest friends”.
Each battle fought brought experience. That is why young disciples love us and listen. I teach them to “Attack, Attack, Attack”, with the love, compassion and care of the Lord Jesus. And it’s what I want to do this next one year (at my age, it’s a one-year plan—one day at a time).


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