Strength for Today
November 22
By Frank Eiklor

"By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name."
Hebrews 13:15

God called the children of Israel to offer many sacrifices at various times and seasons. But there is a single sacrifice that He calls you and I to make continually ("constantly and at all times" v 15 Amplified). It is the sacrifice of praise - not a sacrifice from the herd or field but the fruit of our lips offering up a thousand thanks to His Name and Person.

Let's catch Webster on two important words: "sacrifice" and "praise." To sacrifice is "the act of offering the life of a person...". "Praise" is "to commend the worth of; express approval or admiration laud the glory of God..." Tie those thoughts together and that is what our Father yearns for and deserves from you and me - to offer up our lives in constant admiration of Him - to laud and adore Him with our lips.

Is that easy? Sure, when health and wealth are abundant and all has the scent of roses! But what about the many times - for some, most of the times - when the road is rough, the day is pain-filled and the morrow a doubt-filled minefield? That's when the "sacrifice of praise" can take on an added dimension that can usher in a deep sense of the nearness of God. For that's when praise is truly a sacrifice - something I offer to Jesus not because of but in spite of how I feel. And it comes from my mouth - the fruit of my lips - even when I can't bring it up from my heart during those terrible emotional lows.

Learn to praise your Lord at all times and seasons - good times for what He does and difficult times for Who He is. He dwells in the praises of His people and you can be sure He will be near - so very near - as you speak His Name in praise.

My Prayer:
"Father, I shall begin a new habit right now - that of praising You for Your beauty, faithfulness, love and mercy. May my lips be used to praise You, Lord, no matter how I feel."

This devotional comes from Frank Eiklor’s one-year devotional book "Experiencing God’s Extravagance!” You may contribute and receive the book; click here for more information!


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