Strength for Today
February 12
By Frank Eiklor

"And the Spirit of the Lord will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man."
I Samuel 10:6

When thinking about King Saul, we often think on the negative. After all, he was the Lord's choice for Israel only because this backslidden nation had rejected their Sovereign God as King. But there are many positive lessons we can draw from God's working with Saul, including the awesome promise that the Spirit of the Lord would come upon Saul and turn him into another man-- God's man. Think on it - the Creator of the universe touching a human heart and causing it to come alive with a sense of His presence, purpose and power!

But what God did for Saul cannot be compared to what Jesus Christ will do for us. After all, while the Spirit of God fell upon Saul, it was only for a time. But when Messiah conquered death and hell, He returned to the Father and sent the Holy Spirit, not to be with us for seasons, but to dwell within us forever. And this blessed Comforter from the Father will do in us what Saul, too late, might have wished done in him - the indwelling Holy Spirit promises to comfort, console, convict and convince us as He takes up permanent residence in our spirits and opens us up to the fourth dimension - that of the reality of eternity.

If you've made a mess of part of your life - or your whole life - don't bemoan, but believe. Jesus has all power to turn you into a new creation. Your part is to turn your will over to Him. What better time than now?

My Prayer:
"I have failed you many times, my Father. But Jesus died for failures. So I look up and ask You with all my heart; turn me into another man! I repent of every sin I recognize and those You will yet show me. Empty me of sin, Satan and self and fill me with Your Holy Spirit."

This devotional comes from Frank Eiklor’s one-year devotional book "Experiencing God’s Extravagance!” You may contribute and receive the book; click here for more information!


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