The Action Report
"My cancer literally saved my soul!"
By Frank Eiklor

My precious friend,

“My cancer literally saved my soul!”

Rarely will you ever hear such words from a soul that has finally found perfect peace.

Susan is only 55 years old. Her life has known heartache and loss—hopes raised and then disappointed and dashed—especially by men. Her recent visit to the doctor brought that dreaded word, “You have cancer.” But here is where the story takes an amazing turn. Let Susan tell what happened.

“My cancer literally saved my soul. I learned today from John in the Bible that I was a child of the devil because I was living in sin. Loving God and Jesus in my own vanity and leaning on my own understanding, I was lied to by the devil. My body, heart and mind just took all the pain and lived LOST.

“It is completely amazing how crafty the devil was in fooling me and how horrible life really was. I think about all of the times I should have died being in harm’s way around very bad men, because I was lost. But God didn’t let me die.

“I’m in Him now, and I would rather DIE than ever live in sin again. Every holy Word of God will be in my mind and heart from here on.”

Susan went on to rejoice that I had led her Christ. We also thanked God together that a couple of years ago her dad, Fred, had prayed with me to receive the Savior before he died. The angels rejoice when anyone repents and runs to Jesus. I believe there was joy again in heaven over Susan and Fred. Susan is my niece. Fred was my brother.

Close to home—or far across the globe—we continue in the Great Shepherd’s search for the lost. I ask for your prayers. As always we appreciate your partnership with us.

Frank Eiklor


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