The Action Report
God's Incredible Plan for Your Life
By Frank Eiklor

My friend and fellow soldier,

Will you help me change the world? I mean literally.

The problem is everywhere. Across America. Around the world. Precious people who truly believe in Jesus Christ. But that’s it. Little or no growth. And so the world gets their attention more than Jesus.

You can help me do something about it. I have just finished writing another book. It is so brief. Only 86 pages. Fits into pocket or purse. Yet it may turn out to be the biggest life-changer of all the books we have authored. It can refresh and change your own life. Or the lives of those you love.The title?

“God’s Incredible Plan for Your Life.”

The contents? A ten part series: from spiritual infancy to warrior maturity. Concise. Simple. Encouraging. Like:

1. Assurance of salvation (many are tormented by doubts).

2. The new creation mystery and miracle of worm to butterfly.

3. Spiritual disciplines that bring spiritual growth.

4. Preparing for the Lord’s return.

5. How to be filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit.

6. Facing tests, trials and temptations.

And a whole lot more!

The devil has fought me more over this little book than perhaps all of my previous books put together. He doesn’t want it printed, read, or put into action. The final challenge in the book will tell you why.

You’ll be reminded of, and thrilled by, God’s plan for your own life. And you may choose to use this little book to help as a guide for those you love and pray for.

I ask you to help pay for this first printing of “God’s Incredible Plan for Your Life.” Your gift will let us put a copy into the hands of many who will not merely make decisions for the Lord, but resolve to follow Him at any cost. I hope you’ll request a copy for yourself.



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