The Action Report
It's Happening Again...
By Frank Eiklor

My precious friend,

How frightened would you be if…         

  • You went to the cemetery and saw the headstones of your loved ones toppled over or torn out?
  • You awakened to a swastika or other “get out of town” graffiti painted on your house in the midnight hours?
  • The church you attend has anonymous callers threaten to bomb your place of worship?

You probably wouldn’t be only frightened…you’d be terrified! That is often how it feels to be Jewish. Or Israeli. Times of calm are brief. Expressed hatred is never far off.


In America where Jews and Jewish centers are targets. In Israel where people feel the closeness of Iran’s nuclear plans and the ayatollah’s threat to erase Israel from the map.

But there is a difference. You and me.

I faced it all in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. We took our stand to awaken the Church to God’s heart for the Jews. God gave me a 4-fold charge to challenge Christians far and wide.

  1. Bless the Jewish people in declaring openly your love for them. (Genesis 12:3)
  2. Pray for God’s peace, protection and plan for Israel to come to pass. (Psalm 122:6)
  3. Comfort them with a word of support and love with every opportunity. (Isaiah 40:1)
  4. Stand openly at their side against the workers of iniquity. (Romans 11:31)

Thousands of Christians were challenged and taught. Many became stalwart soldiers who wrapped their arms and hearts around the Jews. And they are out there in the USA, Canada, and Europe today with the know-how to care in our present evil world. The same plan that I taught then still works today. I put it all in a simple action brochure that I use as a teaching tool.

It’s called “Launching A Care Corps Against Hate.”

I’ve never found anything that beats it.

I want to send you a copy so you can see the threat and God’s solution. Share it with your pastor. Who knows what days lie ahead?! I must continue to be God’s voice of unconditional love for Jews and Israel. That’s why I ask for your prayers and financial lift.


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