The Action Report
The Holy Spirit in Action
By Frank Eiklor

Special friends,

"BANG!" "BANG!" "BANG!"         

No, not gunshots—just the Holy Spirit in action. I wanted to tell you more about our outreach to Israel and the Jewish people but that has to wait. I can’t hold back on the “Bang, bang, bang” of the last few days.


1) I do my running each morning. “Good morning” I called to a woman jogging in the opposite direction. She stopped, shook her head and thrust out her arms to say, “I can’t understand you!” It turned out that she is from Brazil and visiting her daughter. Since my Norma was a missionary in Brazil and once spoke fluent Portuguese, I took Wanda home to meet her. Some days later, Wanda returned to our home with daughter Vanessa. God’s timing! God’s moment. Both gave their hearts to the Lord!


2) Remember Susan, whose cancer helped drive her to the God of eternity? She repented of her sins and was beautifully changed to a powerful witness for Christ. Two weeks ago she told another desperate young mother, “You better call Frank and Norma right away.” Lisa did—and she and daughter Ellerica made their decisions to choose Christ and God’s plan for their lives.


3) Home Depot gave me the number of a handyman to call to do a home project. Mike said, “Yeah, I know who you are. You witnessed to me in the parking lot some months ago.” He loves the Lord and will hang our door while I hang some spiritual encouragement on him.


Across the world—or across the street—the only investment that has “forever” attached to it are the lives and souls of men, women, lads and lassies. And we get to reach, teach and train them because of faithful supporters who reach out to us with your prayers and support.

We are not just sending the light afar. We’re also bringing them in from in close. Your help to keep Shalom on the front lines will be so appreciated.

“Servant of all”—His and yours!


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The threats are real. Islamic terrorists are on the march with hate in their hearts. And Israel and the USA? We are the twin targets for those who wish to conquer the world.What should the followers of Jesus do? Our orders are clear and unchanged—GO INTO ALL THE WORLD and preach the good news to all.
I have loved people face to face in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Those who love Jesus loved me back. Those who did not know Him drank in my testimony with wide eyes and hungry hearts.


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