The Action Report
"Frank Eiklor is an enemy of Christ!"
By Frank Eiklor

Precious friends,

“Frank Eiklor is an enemy of Christ!”

When I heard it, my blood might have turned cold. Then I heard the minister’s accusation clarified. “Eiklor is telling Christians to defend the Jews from hate. Better to leave them alone—suffer alone. That might drive some of them to Christ!”

So that was it! I was not to tell Christians to speak out against hatred of Jews and Israel.

To be like the Good Samaritan and love through deed as well as creed. To teach that love is more than just a word—that God’s love is action. To love Jews just as we love family members who don’t yet trust in Christ—unconditionally, and never let them suffer alone. (After all, who ever heard of standing back and watching loved ones be harmed without our lifting a finger to help; then later telling them, “You might have been killed. You really should repent and believe in Jesus”?).

Such an attitude would bring shame to our Savior.

Those early days were tough. But the Lord had already warned me that being His voice to Israel, the Jews and the Church would come with a cost. Norma can affirm our taking hits from all sides. From anti-Semites who hated Jews. From Jews for preaching Christ. From Christians for living Christ! And there was more opposition to come. It was like being in a fight against a half dozen opponents. But the Holy Spirit had already warned me that obeying Him would come with a cost.

He was opening a great door—but there would be many adversaries. (1 Corinthian 16:9)

His Grace and power proved sufficient for every test. The years have flown by but the message hasn’t changed. The banner—fidelity to Jesus Christ—yet waves over this ministry. The big difference over nearly 40 years has been that God’s dependability worked in us reliability that has given us credibility. Shalom is viewed today as a biblical pattern by many pastors, teachers, missionaries and leaders.

They themselves defend this simple work as rooted in

“Scripture, the whole Scriptures, and nothing but the Scriptures.”

And I continue to teach and preach that love is more than just a word.


Your confidence and support is precious to me. Will you help us to continue to be His light—His love—“to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile”?



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