The Action Report
Fear Has Many Faces
By Frank Eiklor

Precious partner,

Fear of man is a powerful force.

Only love for God can defeat it.

And fear has many faces.

I have met those “fear faces” in my years of standing up for Jews being attacked by haters and defending Israel from the lies and evil intentions of enemies. But I have also had to stand true to Jesus when Christian friends chose to hide Him in the shadows because of fear.

First, some Christian leaders told me: “If you wish to have the Jewish people trust you, you should not be seen with Messianic Jews.” It was like Peter and Paul in Galatians chapter 2. Peter knew that Yeshua was for everyone. So he fellowshipped with Gentile believers but abandoned them when his fellow Jews appeared. Paul faced Peter with his hypocrisy and fear.

Now I was told to not be seen fellowshipping with Jews who loved Jesus. I could not take that suggestion. I embraced the Jewish believers and declared that I wish every Jew and Gentile had a relationship with the Messiah. Yes, we paid a price in less “popularity” in Jewish/Christian dialogues. But the ministry continued with unconditional love for all people.

Then in Israel, Jewish believers were being threatened and having tires slashed by fellows Jews. We spoke up: “What anti-Semites are doing to Jews is hate and we denounce it. And what some Jews are doing to fellow Jews is also hate and I denounce it and stand with the persecuted.”

It all comes down to the Light of the world—Jesus—never giving us permission to hide Him under a bushel.

Our love for—and defense of—the Jewish people continues. So does our love and support of Israel. But it is always with a single truth: our motivation and action come from the risen Messiah and Savior whose arms are opened wide to all who choose to trust Him.

This trumpet yet sounds because of those who support Shalom. So I ask you again—invite you again—to send a prayer and your financial gift.

We’re being watched, heard and read by many. And your help makes it all possible.

Thanks for caring,



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