The Action Report
By Frank Eiklor

Dear partners,

As we walked toward what was barely a shack, Paul and I kept calling her name.

Suddenly a dirt-covered head appeared,

and then a frail  body.

It was Alba—crawling like a dog—toward a voice she recognized as if it was the voice of Jesus calling her—Paul’s voice.

I will never forget this journey just completed to Guatemala.

Paul Somero invited me to minister across this little country and help reach the broken and hurting. He had found Alba on a previous trip and knew the village where she barely survived. Now she was on hands and knees looking up at our small team.

First she gobbled down the baby food Paul had bought. When we picked her up and placed her in a dilapidated wheel-chair, Alba began to wail—loud and long. She was surrounded by so much love—Paul, Charlie, Linda, Laressa, Astrid, Kevin, Luis, Tania, me—that Alba just had to explode. As I held her head and prayed for her, she placed her arms around my neck and just held on.

No more wailing. Just a gentle smile. And, oh, those beautiful eyes that looked out from that dirt-caked face.

It was like looking into the eyes of Jesus and hearing Him say,

“Because you have done it unto one of the least…you have done it unto me!”

None of us will ever be the same. Neither will Alba (her name means “dawn” or “daybreak” in Spanish). Paul and friends have established a “Little Lambs” ministry to provide a home for kids desperate for love. The plan is to take Alba “home. ” Pray for Little Lambs ministry. If God leads you to help, send a gift directly to them at: Little Lambs International, Box 25, New Ipswich, NH 03071.

There are “Alba’s” all over the world. I want to reach all I can while I can.

So much impact on this journey! I must tell you next month about the dump where people are called “garbage” by the world but who are “tesoros”—“treasures”—to God. I left a big part of my heart with them.

As doors open, we will continue to live, preach and teach our beautiful Jesus. God is honoring your prayers and support.

We love and appreciate you!



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