The Action Report
By Frank Eiklor

My precious friends,


That was the headline in the newspaper. In the face of Hurricane Irma, The Florida governor is appealing for prayer. It was the same thing in Texas with Hurricane Harvey. Many people were crying out to God to save them physically and spiritually.

Since Norma and I make our home in Georgetown, Texas, I’m close enough to Houston to help in the cleanup. A lot of help will be needed for a long time. And now we have friends in Florida who are in danger and crying out to God.

Then there is the big earthquake in southern Mexico where I have preached the gospel in Chiapas and Oaxaca.

It seems like the whole world is shaking.

Almost like birth pains of travail that cry for Jesus’ return.

But while I weep and help and hug the hurting, we also see people realizing they need the Lord even more then the material stuff that is suddenly gone with the water and wind. Before the storm hit, one man said rather arrogantly, “We will ride it out. I have plenty of food, water and booze.”

Then the power goes off,

roofs blow away,

water rises and the black of night is filled with terror.

Wouldn’t you become a little more humble and cry out to God? Me too!

First, I always pray, “Lord, let these hurricanes die out at sea.” But the Lord also knows that “only when your (God’s) judgments are in the earth will the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.” (Isaiah 26:9) He knows what to allow and how to bring good out of bad.

Others suffer today.

It may be you and me tomorrow.

But both I and many other disciples are finding hearts eager to hear from Jesus. My buddy Lionel Baldwin taught me many years ago in Canada that it is often when the storms hit that the fish bite best. He proved it when we landed the prize in the midst of a storm.

Keep praying that we will speak with boldness the hope that is in Jesus. I have never found people more open and responsive to His love. We need the funds to stay in the fight.

I ask your help!


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