The Action Report
God Uses You to Send Us
By Frank Eiklor

Precious friend,

I want to tell how your giving makes you a partner in our going.

It all began in the military. Jesus appeared to me and the Bible became His voice. When I told fellow marines and native Okinawans what Christ did for me, they listened. And when I read Psalm 2:8, I asked God to give me the nations as my inheritance. I’m not sure I knew what I was asking.

He did—and answered, “I will!”

That’s when I discovered I had a heart transplant. Gone were 20 years of human hopes, desires and plans. Perhaps a future in construction. Or law enforcement. Or a shot at politics. It all changed when God let me see His heart for people. The pull for reputation and riches was replaced by:

“Here am I, Lord. Send me.”

I had no idea what was ahead or what it was like not to draw a paycheck. But I would learn what it is like to be God’s servant of all and be used every day—and many nights—to plant, water and reap a harvest of lives desperately looking for hope.

It would be the Holy Spirit’s schedule, as doors opened across the USA (all 50 states) and the world (over 100 countries and counting). I was amazed at how He supplied the material things. Friends came to our side (Norma and I) with the attitude:

“You go and turn people from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God.

We will pray and back you up. You have no time for any business except the Great Commission.”

So I really want you to see more of what happens—to this hour—as the Holy Spirit directs this work. Bold witnessing opens incredible doors to people who suddenly become aware of God loving them. Sometimes it’s a Jewish businessman I meet. I may say something like: “That’s quite a Book God used your forefathers to write. How would answer Job on man’s oldest question: ‘If a man dies will he live again?’” (Job 14:14)

No matter the answer, the ice is broken and I share my discovery of His love through One whom I believe to be the Messiah. Often times it opens the door to his or her opinion on Isaiah 53, and sometimes it opens his or her eyes to a Yeshuah they discover to be alive.

I plan to take you into more of the actual action in the future.

My hope and prayer is that you will hear the Lord tell you, “They are giving their all to reach the world. Back them up with your prayers and support.”



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