The Action Report
By Frank Eiklor

My precious friend,

That news headline shocked the world. No American president dared to say those words from the 1967 war (when Israel conquered Jerusalem) until now. Not Johnson or Nixon or Ford or Carter or Reagan or Bush Sr. or Clinton or Bush Jr. or Obama.

Fifty years! Nine U.S. presidents! None dared to act to move the

U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

God rules in the affairs of men—whether they believe it or not. And He often chooses the unlikely to fulfill His prophetic purposes. I believe—as do many—that Donald Trump’s bold move is another link in God’s plan to redeem Israel, hasten world evangelism and bring His judgment and the return of King Jesus.

I admire courage wherever I find it.

Trump stood alone in saying Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

The world’s rage followed.

No leader stood with him.

I know what it was to stand alone (over 35 years ago) when I called for action—not words—in support of Jews and Israel when hate was aimed their way. Now I sense God telling me again “you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” It’s time again to show those who are true to Jesus Christ and Scripture how to stand on “God’s Rock of Gibraltar—Unconditional Love.”

We will be tested with suffering. Israel is again being treated as the world’s whipping boy. And Christians who support the Jews and Israel—and who don’t buy into the world’s mockery of biblical morality—are already called “enemies to progress.”

This is no time for spiritual slumber.

It’s time to sound the trumpet.

An untrained soldier is a dead soldier.

God has given me the know-how and the tools to prepare His people for battle. That will again be my first focus this year. We will need powerful prayers and financial increase to take this vision nationwide and worldwide.




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