The Action Report
Integrity Can't Be Compromised
By Frank Eiklor

My precious friend,

In 1980 they were among the loneliest people in world. Lonely but happy. I’m just speaking of persecuted believers in China or the former Iron Curtain countries where I ministered.

I’m speaking of Jews—Jews who believed in a Jew named Yeshuah.

Messianic Jews.

Why so lonely? When a Jewish believer entered a church, Christians tried to turn him/her into a Gentile. On the other hand secular and religious Jews labeled Jews who believed in Yeshuah as “traitors”—no longer Jews.

And there was a third group—the one I joined.

We spoke out against anti-Semitism and hatred against Israel. I led in the fight that called for strong action—not merely supportive words. Many Jews, weary of hate and centuries of “Christian anti-Semitism” applauded. But I was warned not to have visible fellowship with Messianic Jews or the Jewish leadership would reject me. “And don’t teach that Jesus is for Jews.” My answer was simple:

“But Jews who have encountered the real Yeshuah are my brothers.

And Jesus is for everyone—Jew or Gentile.

I must offer Him graciously, openly and non-coercively to all—

with unconditional love.”

During the last 40 years, I continue to teach thousands each month on how to love the Lord—how to live Him—and how to share Him. They learn how to confront hate aimed at the Jews and Israel—unconditionally—regardless of Jewish response (or lack of it) to the gospel.

And they don’t hide from the growing thousands of Jews who call Jesus Savior and Messiah—

and are no longer lonely.

Our aim remains: “To introduce to the world the unconditional love of God by fleshing out to the world the unconditional love of Jesus.” Your prayers and support keep that motto an up-to-date reality.

Integrity can’t be compromised.


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